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Q: Can I play the game on iOS (iPhone, iPad etc)? A: Sadly, no. Games like these are difficult to produce and distribute on iOS, in part because of Apple's strict guidelines.

Consider developing a sideloadable app! AltStore is a very useful and prominent app that allows for easy sideloading of any .ipa onto your iOS/iPadOS device. This would allow you to support your apple userbase, without dealing with apple's app store guidelines.

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I wanted to ask because a lot of people want new content, if you can add a charakter or a pose for a charakter in which the charakter is hogtied (maybe the charakter only gets unlocked if your finished with the game so the people who finished the story... have smth new. It would be nice if we could toe tie the charakters and for me ankle socks would be very nice so there are only socks that goes over the ankles in the game right now. Hopefully you bring updates again for the peolpe waiting since a long time. Maybe you can do it after you finished your Didnapper updates...

Please make a Bonds 2

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I managed to get everything. I really enjoyed playing this. I did cheat with increasing my money to buy everything though as I wasn’t willing to grind loads of commissions :)

I loved all the dialogue and the art.

I think my only suggestions are these:

  • Grinding commissions to get the money for everything would have taken ages maybe? Why does each character have their own socks ;-;
  • It would have been lovely to get hints on what chapters you unlock gallery entries in.
  • Gallery entries with unlockable variants would have been nice to be marked with some sort of symbol in the gallery grid letting you know you still have variants left to unlock.
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If you get the normal ending, it is possible to get a better ending by playing through the chapters again, just to let anyone who was in the same situation as me know :)

i cant download the demo on android

Idea for ver 2. More bondage. Maybe even ability to change positions 

eagle spread, chair tie, etc. 

I want a toys feature. Since Alicia used one at the end of ver 1.

also maybe even ability to remove undergarments as well.

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Can you make a bonds 2 please

Is the paid version complete?

Yes, the paid version has the full story of the game and the "Session" feature is expanded.

Awesome thanks, how do you get last CG? and there's no options for nudity?

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can you Please make a bonds 2

I have a question can I buy this game by any other process

The game is also available on Steam, which allows for things like gift cards, if that makes it easier for you

I can buy this for android because it is showing only for I phone and windows

That's an interesting game you have here ^^ Could I make letsplay video of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from it just like any Youtubers ^^')

Sorry about the late reply! Of course you can 🙂


Can you please make a Bonds 2

how do i make Robin emotion turn expression to worried

You can choose various expressions for them if you select Camera

tried to do that but it won't let me take the picture 

Hi, great work with BONDs. Mind I ask, if its possiblem if you ever update the game again, would you mind adding the option to remove Alicia's stockings for the story mode gallery pictures? It would be lovely to have an option to see her barefoot aside from sessions. Otherwise, great game!


Can you please Put Didnapper and Didnapper 2 on the Nintendo Switch


I hope there will be a Bonds 2, Bonds is a great game.


When I play Didnapper 2 after playing Bonds, Didnapper 2 uses bonds game logo. Why this is happening?


Hello, I bought the game on steam a couple of months ago. Is the steam version playable on android as well or would I have to buy the Android files from here? :)

The game began to give an error at startup: Uncaught Error: Header is Wrong. Tell me what to do? I didn’t save the installation file, how to download the game on a new one without buying? The link to the mail is also not saved


played through this game recently, it has to be one of my favorite bondage games ever.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

How can I sell the commissions in game?


Use the camera to take a picture

Well I got it via steam and so in order to play it i have to activate my steam account first and it would be nice to be able to just activate the game itself. Also because its from steam i don't have a copy i can keep it went into the PC directly and I'd love to burn a copy to disk as a back up. You know what also would be kewl is a program when you could easily add your own text and make your own adventure up. There programs that do it but they are very involved and a Idiot proof one would be awesome.

Hi love the game  I found it very relaxing and sadly more enjoyable the resident evil 2 remake which stutters like mad. Is there away to keep the game without relying on steam which is where i downloaded it from ?


I'm glad you enjoy the game but I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you're asking.  What exactly do you mean by keeping the game without relying on Steam?

will there ever bee part 2 of this game? it is really awesome and i would love part 2

We're glad you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, we have no plans to make a sequel to Bonds at this time. Currently,  we are focusing on the Didnapper 2 project. We appreciate your interest though!

if you ever will, maybe make like when they are adults they start making pictures again and maybe more poses and bondage ways, that would be great

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Can you add actual voice talking instead of text? Like instead of putting "Alicia Quick! Get Her Legs!" in text, You could put that in a voice message in the game?

That is a nice idea, but we opted not to make the game fully voice acted on purpose for budget reasons. We won't be adding it in either because the game is finished and the team has moved on to other projects now.

Ok. Thx for replying!


I wish you could add different poses, like hogtied.


While that would certainly be nice, it would require a lot of work from our artist as each and every clothing and binding item would have to be redrawn for every pose. Bonds was meant to be a pretty small and quick project from the start, which is why we opted for only one pose. All the art in Bonds was done by one artist, so it would have been a lot of work for her and would have delayed the game considerably.

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Can you hire more artists for the poses? Just wondering

We're not planning to hire any more artists for this game because the game is finished and we're not adding anything else to it.

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How can I eliminate their embarrassment?

I believe removing bindings will reduce their embarrassment. However, the embarrassment doesn't actually affect much other than whether or not they are blushing. The happiness meter is what you have to watch if you are trying to do commissions, as the girls won't make the expressions you want if their happiness drops too low.

All right, thanks :)

how do i play it?


Hello! I'm not quite sure how to help you. Can you please explain the problem you are having?

Hi, a font question.

I was playing v 1.3.1 purchased from Steam. There is an extra space after apostrophe in the story line, which could be a real pain to my eyes. So "I'm walking" now becomes like "I'    m walking". I believe this could be a locale problem.

However, there isn't such a problem in the Windows Demo (v 1.3) that I downloaded from this website.

Nonetheless, the problem appears both on demo and the full versions if I played the index.html file in the www folder.

Please take a look and suggest how to fix it. Thanks.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. We haven't had anyone else report such a bug so I'm not sure exactly what's causing it. May I ask what language your system locale is in? It may be interpreting the apostrophe as having a tab after it for some reason.

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My system has a non-English locale. Here is how I solved it myself: I simply replaced the .pak/ files (in the locales folder) corresponding to my locale with the en-US.pak/ files.

Now may I have a technical question for curiosity: this game has only English subtitles. Why would you need any other locale files?

That's just something that RPGMaker does on its own, and we can't really help it. Sorry! Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem though.


Hey i bought this game yesterday and kinda already beat it but thats not the point, just wondering how you unlock the final piece of artwork in the gallery

Hello question.

I just bought this, how do you get pictures to save in the screenshots folder?

If you play the Windows version, you can do that by pressing the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard :)

Thanks, I ended up seeing it in a comment thread somewhere. But appreciate the reply nonetheless. 

Hello, can you publish bonds in playstore please?? 

Can you improve the android version resolution in the future?

Possibly, although it would make the game run slower on most devices, so it would probably be an optional version.

Hi, I've been following you since 1 didnapper and I say that I love their games but ...
I do not know English and their games do not have translation, why do not they translate their games ?, that would help them to expand in many places more ... in didnapper 1 I thought they did not do it because it was their first game (or one of the first), but seeing the potential they have, I was very intrigued not to be able to play their games comfortably because they do not have a translation. I just wanted to ask you to get translation for the game. :), thanks for your efforts. (I am from South America)

Hi, and sorry about the very late reply!
We are a very small development team, and so since we are focusing on Didnapper 2, we don't really have the capacity to also be working on translations for Bonds right now. It could be that we can delegate some time to work on implementing translations once Didnapper 2 is released though :)

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didnapper 2 will be able to be enjoyed in Spanish? : D

Maybe at some point, but not upon first release, since we don't want to delay the release more than necessary for English players

Publish game in Steam please! 

It already is on Steam :) 

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