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About the game

Bonds is a light-hearted visual novel-type game made with RPG Maker MV.  The game's development started August 2017 and has been funded through donations on Patreon. 

The full game features:

  • About an hour's worth of story content with multiple choices and full-screen CGs (Story Mode)
  • Interactive gameplay features (Session Mode) with 3 characters and commission system
  • Custom recorded gag sounds for all characters
  • A gallery where you can view unlocked CGs from Story Mode


Robin is a student in college who has always had a secret interest in being tied up. One day she decides to challenge her roommate and childhood friend, Alicia, to tie her up after they watch a movie featuring a poorly tied damsel in distress. Their games then become a more frequent occurrence, and they decide to try to make money off of their new hobby. Eventually things become a little more complicated once a girl from Robin's class shows interest in their activities.


Windows - Mac - Linux

To install the game, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Download the .zip file with the version you want, be it the free demo or the full version, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  2. Extract/Unzip the folder anywhere you want on your computer, as long as it's not a hidden or restricted folder (which causes issues with the autosave feature).
  3. Run the Game.exe file (Windows), Game.app file (Mac) or Game/Game.desktop file (Linux)

Note 1: If want to make sure the game will run on your system, try downloading the free demo first. If your machine can run the demo, it can run the full game :)

Note 2: Running the game from within the .zip folder will prevent the game from saving progress properly, so make sure you don't skip stage 2 above.

Note for people who experience an error message when starting the game:
If you get a long error message after starting the game, try dragging the game folder (Windows) or game file (Mac) to somewhere else, like to your desktop. It could be that the folder you are running the game from has some sort of protection which prevents the game from using its auto-save feature.


Just download the installation file and run it on your device. It is usually easiest to download the file directly from Itch on your phone, and when it is done you should get a prompt asking you if you wish to install the game, which you do. The prompt may mention that there is a risk with installing the game, but that is just because it doesn't have a Google Play certificate (because, well, as of now it's not on Google Play).

It is also possible to download the installation file elsewhere (like on your computer) and transfer it over to your phone via cable or software. The file can then be located and run through a file explorer app.

Note that the game will probably not run if you don't have Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or newer.

Note for people who want to uninstall/remove the game from their device: 
The game can be uninstalled just like any other app, but your game progress will still be stored on your device, and will be there if you re-install or update the game. If you want to remove all game data from your device, you need to do that through your device's settings before you uninstall the app. The option to remove app data is usually found in Settings > Apps/Storage > Bonds > Storage > Remove/Clear Data, although this varies from device to device.


Windows - Mac - Linux

If a newer version of the game is available, and you wish to update your game to that version, first follow step 1 and 2 above under "Installation" with the newer version. After that you can either

  • move your "save" folder from the old version of the game and replace the "save" folder in the new version. The save folder is inside the folder named www. You can also move over the Screenshots folder if you want.


  • copy the new version over the old and overwrite all files. You may want to back up your save folder before you do this, just in case.


To update on Android you simply download the installation file again and run it. The installation will overwrite/update the game files, but keep your saved progress intact.

You can view the change log for the game here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EoRLZOEh0AjwLK1wffSRU8y4mGio6f7Tao7K7cdeeJM/...


Q: How do I save in the game?
A: The game is saved automatically at the end of every chapter and every few seconds in Session, among other times.

Q: I bought the game, but I didn't buy it with and Itch account. How can I download it again?
A: When you buy the game without and Itch account, you receive and email with a link that gives you personal access to the game. You'll have to find that email and click the link (or just save the link in some way for later) to get access to the game again.

Q: Can I play the game on iOS (iPhone, iPad etc)?
A: Sadly, no. Games like these are difficult to produce and distribute on iOS, in part because of Apple's strict guidelines.

Q: What is the difference between the Android version and the PC/Mac version?
A: The only noticeable differences are that the Android version is smaller, both in file size and in resolution, and there are some differences in the HUD and text display. Otherwise they are pretty much the same.

Q: My game keeps closing down after having played it for a little while. Why does that happen, and how can I fix it?
A: You probably have too little space to store all the temporary memory the game uses while you play. Clear up some space by deleting files and/or uninstalling other programs, and it should stop happening.

Q: My game shows me a long error message after I start it up. What do I do?
A: See the note for this in the Installation part above.

Q: When I try to install the game on my Android device, it gives me a warning. What does that mean?
A: See the note for this in the Installation part above.

Updated 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Dec 09, 2017
AuthorDID Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, bondage, college, did, interactive, light-hearted, Non violent, tickle, tie-up-games
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Community


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Bonds for Windows v1,3,1.zip 440 MB
Bonds for Mac v1,3,1.zip 575 MB
Bonds for Linux v1,3,1.zip 483 MB
Bonds for Android.apk 164 MB

Download demo

Bonds Demo Windows.zip 413 MB
Bonds Demo Mac.zip 414 MB
Bonds for Linux v1,3,1 Demo.zip 483 MB
Bonds for Android Demo.apk 164 MB

Development log


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Is the one on steam up-to-date? (v 1.3.1) or is it only getting updates on itch.io?

Can add more Vietnamese ? i just buy the game and really want to play this game in my language :( i can help

Is there way to play game without credit card? I want to pay for it and play, but i dont have credit card.

As of now there are only the payment options that Itch accepts, which are credit card and PayPal. I don't know if they will add other payment methods in the future.

How to convert PC Data to Android??

It may depend on your Android device, but generally you would need root access so you could find the game folder on your phone, and then copy your PC save files into it.

This is the sweetest game!  I've only played through once and (I think) got a good ending.  There's so much I want to say, but in the meantime, thank you for making a game that shows some of the tender side of bondage.


how long will it take to get the game when you purchased it 

(1 edit)

will there be a sequel/another unique tier commission or anything like that coming out soon?

overall this game is sooo amazing i love it so much!! i don't mind more girls, but i'd love it more if we get sexy outfits like sexy wedding lingerie, sexy bunny suit, gothic dress, maid.. etc

(1 edit)

my game keeps lagging for some reason. i have the latest version, but sometimes the game continues while the screen is stuck or sometimes it just freezes. i'm using the windows version. i tried re-entering a bunch of times but it takes about 5 to 10 mins before freezing again TwT

(1 edit)

Did you play v1.3 or v.1.3.1? The first of those had an issue on PC where it kept increasing memory usage as you play, which usually results in the game running slower as you play, and maybe even crash or freeze eventually. That should however be fixed in v1.3.1. If you still have that issue in v1.3.1, then most likely you are either running too many other programs in the background, or you computer has very little RAM or just too little storage space in general. Ideally you should have at least 800 MB free storage space while playing. 

i'm playing  the latest version. 1.3.1. i have a high RAM and more than enough space on my PC and yet it's happening. and no i didn't have many background programs running when i was playing it. one moment it freezes, next time the screen gets stuck and finally sometimes it operates slowly. i don't know what's wrong with it. it does work just fine sometimes, but these still happen.

Then I really don't know. You could try to downgrade to v1.3, in case the issue is that your PC doesn't like the nwjs that was added in v1.3.1, but it's unlikely that that s the problem. I haven't heard anyone else report that. I know my PC started freezing temporarily at random after I installed an extra hard drive, but that's the closest I've been to your problem where freeze/lag hasn't been caused by a memory leak, lack of space or just a too weak device.

(1 edit)

do you think i should re-download it maybe? i could take the save and screenshots files and then once i re-download the game, i put them back in. also, maybe the skipping function affects the game performance?

The safest thing would be to download it and copy your save files and such over to the new folder so you have the old folder as a backup. Any saves from v1.3.1 should work fine in v1.3, and vice-versa, since the only difference is in how the game data is handled while the game runs.

If you by skipping mean holding down to double the cutscene speed, then that should only make the game skip every 2 frames, which should only affect performance in places where a lot of new data is being handled, and then that also depends on how strong your PC is I think. 

Hello, a question, can you make a free version?

Thank you for continuing the work on bonds and didnappers2. Hope the android version is going well. Good luck with didnappers 2! We're all looking forward to it.

Can you guys make the next version more postures?I mean its fun changing the clothes and all,but the girls stay that way...more girls or more postures.

Adding more poses to Session would require multiplying all character graphics (bodies, clothes, restraints, color variations etc). For example, if we added a hogtie pose to Session, we would have to draw all the graphics again to fit that pose, which basically means doubling the amount of character graphics in Session. There are already more than 580 separate character graphics in Session, and adding one more pose to every character would double that to more than 1160. That is the unfortunate reality of drawn 2D games :/
So while I see the appeal of having more pose options in Session, I'm afraid we're limited when it comes to resources, especially since we have also started working on Didnapper 2. It would sadly be too much work.

Alright...thanks for taking me seriously,it's still the best 2D bondage game I ever played(the ending is just so sweet),good luck with developing Didnapper2 :)

Can you guys make this game available on steam?

Demo ?

This game is satisfying, but I don't think it should cost anything in the first place.

could you please make able to buy this game by pasafe card? I would really like to Play this game


im having problems purchasing either on paypal or card. any way I can buy the game? attached is the error window. please advise and email me

Cuando lo actualizan?? 

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really enjoyed the game it's very well set up and enormously playable 

It could be my computer but after awhile the inbox commissions are all labeled normal even if the offers seem more like special or unique. 

IMVHO you could have done the BOND-RIES chapter more enjoyable.  You could spray whipped cream on her naughty bits or set her up as a human sushi bar with strategically placed tidbits for example. Nude but modest? 

(2 edits)

Could you make able to buy the game with more ways please? for example as pay safe card

the game is now in dollers is there anyway you can make people buy it for euro's


Suggestion:  Pls I like this game so much but for downloading its cost. So pls give this game free 


WTF man this project cost ..... are things aren´t free , work and earn money and buy

1.Petition: I want you to put my name in the commission place :)

You lose the emotion when you are translating, please make a translation into Spanish


It's simply the best game you've ever played in my life, thanks ...

ps: thank you very much for creating this game, since it is the best in the world, a totally original novel with some imprecise graphics and with minimal limitations

pd2: I am from Argentina, I translated dialogue through dialogue, I would like to have a translation into Spanish, I would be very happy.

PD3: Keep up your games I love them I love them

PS: Thanks for reading and creating that super game: 3 thanks


This is the type of wholesome game you just need among all the hardcore smut games once in a while.

A short and simple Visual Novel with a built-in bondage customizer. Sure to give you diabetese from it's swetness.

i rely wish i could get it with English money as well 


This is the best game for DID entertainment


i realy wanna buy the game but a cannot buy it with dollars 


Buy a prepaid gift card

oke were am a sepose to buy those

7 eleven or anywhere they sell giftcards

you maby know a plase in the netherlands


Alredy Playing i hope this get a good time duration because i am really scared too finish too fast .. XD for Didnapper 2 yeah