v1.3.1 performance update for PC and Mac

We have uploaded a v1.3.1 update for Windows and Mac which fixes some memory leaks and somewhat improves performance overall.

The downside of this update is that the changes made to improve the performance also require the addition of some large files, which makes the game folder bigger. So if you're one of those who prefers some memory leakage over the game taking some extra storage space, we have left the previous v1.3 up for you for now.


Bonds for Windows v1,3,1.zip 440 MB
Aug 15, 2018
Bonds for Mac v1,3,1.zip 575 MB
Aug 15, 2018

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my game keeps lagging for some reason. i have the latest version, but sometimes the game continues while the screen is stuck or sometimes it just freezes. i'm using the windows version.