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Aquí dejo la traducción al español, para aquellos que no saben inglés, pueden disfrutarlo y así los desarrolladores consideran la importancia de traducir el juego. (Muchas gracias por desarrollar estos juegos. Me encantan. Por favor, no eliminen el comentario, solo estoy tratando de ayudar a aquellos que no saben inglés :D)

sabes si alguien, tradujo el primer juego? 

Nop, no parece que se valla a traducir el primer juego, es una lastima ya que es bueno pero al ser un trabajo ya terminado, muy largo y completo es dificil hacerlo, lo normal seria que un traductor este desde el inicio del proyecto del juego o en su demo o alpha. pero los creadores de didnapper se niegan traducir su juego. 

Didnapper 2 tampoco tiene un traductor oficial y no sera traducido.

Here I leave the translation to Spanish, for those who do not know English can enjoy it and so the developers look at the importance of translating the game. (Thank you very much for developing these games I love them. Please do not delete the comment, I am only trying to help those who do not know English :D)

Hey! I'm super exited for this game! Quick question, are you going to make it free like the first game or paid like Bonds? Or do you know?

Do you know how much longer it will take to finish didnapper 2? Not rushing you! Just wondering.

Will it ever be a feature to choose how you tie the enemy up? I’m just a bit intrigued.

Sorry to be a bother, but as far as I see you’re unable to get out of the escape test when you get in it. It’s not a problem to relaunch the game and all but still, also a bug I encountered was that when andes was tied up (I believe that was her name) and the fight ended, the game screen just went black and never turned on; please fix that. But I am really happy that this game is going along so far! I hope it comes out soon and that you all will make a didnapper 3, thank you creators ^-^

This is still a beta, for sure this has already been adjusted, the closed beta is in version 23 already with many new features, I hope to help with translations, if the game can have multilingual

I really hope this gets an update or something.  I'm in love with this game!  The first one was great, but I love how improved the escape elements are in this new one.  And the art reminds me a lot of the Tales of series!

Hello. I am trying to run the game on macbook, but I can't find a folder that lets me save the game. Keep getting this error. I have tried manually changing the permissions on every folder that I have placed the game app but that hasn't worked. I have tried changing the permissions on the path that it gives in the error and that hasn't worked either. Not sure what to do.

Hello - when I try to run the 2.1 demo .exe I get the following error message:

Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

Any ideas on what the issue might be?  Thanks in advance. 

Also Didnapper 1 worked fine. Many thanks for the time and effort you guys put into the first game. Its an amazing experience, great story and very enjoyable - nothing else like it! Can't wait for the next one.

Hello, I am really curious about the progress of the game. Will it be finished soon?


how long will it take to finish the game?

Good night, I recently bought the Bounds, of his own, very cool the story, and look forward to what goes on didnapper 2.

Does the game has a release date yet 

How do i play it in mac, it says
The application "Game" can't be opened

like this



Could you tell me a little more about how this happened? Does it happen all the time or only sometimes? Did anything else unusual happen?

It happen most of the time when character interact to each other

do you have any facebook account?

help me, what happen, I can't read some dialogs

the game doesn't save and going into the options crashes the game (on mac) 


Sorry to hear you are having that problem! Could you describe it a bit more? Do these problems happen every time, or is there something specific that triggers it?

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when going into the options it looks fine then when you leave error message, I'll attach an image, it happens every were in game, on the title screen. Saving does nothing no error message just button noise it doesn't save, i got up to the robot part tried to save nothing  then i accidentally closed the game and had to restart

error message for options \/ also this is a really cool game for what i've played even though i've seen the start 6 times by now


Thanks for the information. This is actually a known issue that sometimes occurs on Mac. Some Macs have over-sensitive file protection which prevents games from creating files unless they're installed a certain way. I believe some people have managed to get around it by running the game from an external hard drive. 

Thank you for letting us know, and we will do our best to look for a solution on our end!

Is the game going to have more options in the private cell or anything else

There is no private cell in this game. 

it would be awesome if you guys periodically released demos i cant get enough of ur games

How do you use game files? First Must Be Extracted? Then what again ??

Can use Android?

Hi i was wondering if it would be possible to release a preview of the game for android users (phone) i tried downloading didnappers 2 the same way as the first one and everything worked except the font and gamescreen were to big for my phone so i couldn't read everything or click on everything. Thank you again for making these games I've had a lot of fun playing bonds and didnapper 1 and can't wait for didnapper 2

When is the full game come out, just wondering

The game is still in development and we don't have a release date yet. However, we are hoping that it will be ready for purchase at either the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Just wonder if u can create other download links of the demo, (like Google drive), cuz the presenting link in this page worked very bad for me (1kb/s and it always fails)


Sorry to hear you are having this problem. However, no one else has reported this issue, so I don't think it's on our side. Even if we made a Google Drive download link, it is likely that you would encounter the same problem. Have you had this issue with any other downloads, or does it only happen with our demo?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry I didnt make it clear, your Didnapper 1 download via Google drive worked very well for me and that's why I was directed to this demo. It happens to other games at It seems its server doesnt adapt our region well.

it gonna be very helpful to me if u can make Google Drive links :p

Okay, I see! Thanks for letting us know. Are you using a Mac or a PC?

Mine is Windows, thx!

Okay, try this:

Hopefully that works for you!

Good morning, the game is getting fantastic, I can not wait to play more levels, and have fun in the bound puzzles. The demo really ends before entering a city, or to continue after the forest, when you join a new member in the team.

Hello! We are happy you enjoyed the demo, and that you are looking forward to the full release of the game. The demo ends before you enter the city of Capulet. What we have released is the full demo version, and we won't be adding any more content on it. However, it is only a small taste of all the neat features we hope to have in the finished product!

are you going to do more game over screens for didnapper 2?

Hi! I don't know the answer to that yet. We would certainly like to, but our artists have to prioritize getting all the other graphics done, like character design, escape game graphics, and story CGs. It's something I hope we'll get to do, though!

The next part of Didnapper  1 and its perfect! I really love how its going. I see that you want to concentrate on storyline in this game, thats good, but can you add more method to escape from hard things by the character herself, like chains or gag (the gag in didnapper 1 in Chapter 6: Pirate Bay, suki can't slip out of that gag). I don't mind if you have to multiply the number of graphics needed for those, it's fine for me ^^

Hello! We're glad you're enjoying our demo! The current plan is to have the escape system be a bit more complicated and in depth for this game. I can't really say for sure what we're introducing, but I hope it lives up to your expectations!

Great, I'm looking forward to it!

hello are you going to do some different game overs for didnapper 2 besides the one right now?

I really like how your games also focus on the story despite being somewhat of a porn game

Thank you! We are happy you enjoy it. :)

Will there be a trophy hall and private cell like in previous one?

No, we aren't doing that for this game. 

I would love to know the program you are using to make this game.


We're using RPG Maker MV. We also used that to make Bonds :)

Amazing work. Grateful for what you do! 

Is there a release date?


There isn't a set date, but we aim for December 2019 at earliest and December 2020 at latest.


Love how its going, I really like the main character and how she looks and acts. I'm also liking how it different from the first game in many ways while still having some the key parts that I liked about the first game as well, go job.  Also having  different sexy outfits for her would be cool to.


I'm glad you like it so far :D

Sadly we can't promise any additional outfits right now, since we are instead focusing on having more varied ties and DID scenarios, and having different outfits for Seles would multiply the number of graphics needed for those.

I understand, and more DID stuff is always awesome, looking forward to it.  

the 2nd demo is really good aden is good cant wait for more character and story development

hi can u please give us new info on how it is progressing i really enjoyed the demo and didnapper 1 thanks




Hi! Can you give us some new informtion about this game? Havent heard any news for this game for a long time...



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