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Magical force known as Chroma drives the world, and Chroma-compatible people called Aions govern the lands as nobles. On a small fishing island, out in the middle of the seas, an Aion girl named Seles sees her life changed forever after getting caught up in a dark plot.
Now on the run, she ventures the world’s countries in search of answers, gathering a following of other girls all setting out for their own reasons. However, the open roads are a dangerous place indeed for a group of young travellers, as peril and captivity lurks around every corner…

  • 15 hour, lovingly crafted story
  • Intricate escape mini-game featuring traditionally animated visuals
  • Dozens of bondage CGs, including a gallery mode to view them at your leisure
  • More than 100 individual pieces of bondage art throughout the game and multiple outfits for each main character
  • Various side content like sidequests, minigames and puzzles

Didnapper 2 is the long-awaited successor to the original Didnapper, headed by the same director. While this game borrows many gameplay elements and themes from its predecessor, it is completely standalone and can be enjoyed without prior knowledge. This game does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit scenes.
DID Games is a small collective of game developers who believe in making bondage-themed games without sacrificing quality or substance. We've been working on Didnapper 2 since early 2018, and are extremely pleased to finally be able to present it to you, thanks in no small part to our patrons.


Post-release content!

The fun isn't done once the game comes out! We've got a little bit more cooking up that we'll be delivering over the next months after release, so please look forward to it. Of course, all these updates will be free for all owners of Didnapper 2! It also goes without saying that the game will receive continuous support when it comes to bugs and other kinks.

Expansion: Truth

Release window: About six months after the second update
Something's hiding beneath the surface... Venture underground and through brand-new areas on the hunt for answers, and meet characters new and familiar in this epic conclusion to the Didnapper series. Major side content and feature expansions will be released at the same time.


Updated 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 12, 2021
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
AuthorDID Games
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, bondage, did, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, gagged, JRPG, kink, tied
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Linux.zip 1 GB

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Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Windows.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Mac.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Linux.zip 1 GB

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Before starting a new game plus, I have a question: Is there any way to also restock treasure chests (or could you change the mod to do so)? If would be great to get major arcana cards more than once so more characters can learn spells.  I think it wouldn't matter if characters could become overpowered, because my party was overpowered in the end anyway,  I could take down the final boss within a few minutes and without posing any real threat to me. I even surrendered some of my characters on purpose before taking her down for their level-up pictures.

Does the magican card somehow aionize characters? I used it on Lilli just to learn spire, but then she had quite a lot of really useful spells which elevated her from 'pretty useless' to 'best fighter in the game'. Or is it because of something I may have equipped?

Another question, are all the major arcana cards already in the game? I never found tower, moon, nameless and several others, where are they?

It might be better to ask for changes to mods in the mod section of our public Discord server (https://discord.gg/xXDgYPV). However, there should alternatively be a way to get multiple of the same cards, though only by messing with the code of the game. 

You probably have her Chroma weapon equipped, which while equipped lets her use certain Chroma skills. 

There are still a few cards left that will be added in the next big update (v1.2.0), including the ones you listed.

4 hours in, I realised this is indeed not a nsfw-game...

Steam sadly disagrees, so there it's blocked in multiple countries. We kind of hit a middle ground, but yes, without nudity or sex, you can argue it's more of a game with a lot of very specific "fan service" than a "nsfw" game. Some people like that about the game, while others don't, which is why some mods are in the works that add more lewdness to it, in addition to the vibrator mod that already comes with the full game. 

Ngl, I was a little disappointed, cause the hole thing is like a big tease. But on the other hand I'm glad you are able to push through this tough market.


Well, tastes differ. I don't need or want hardcore content in games, that's just going on my nerves. I think Didnapper did everything right and for me both titles  are among the best JRPGs ever made. The fetish mechanics all make perfect sense within the game system and are not just there for their own sake. It's a real game and fun to play, not just an excuse for showing explicit content like many other nsfw-games. I think I would also enjoy playing it if I wasn't into bondage.

Thats the thing tho, if im looking for a "real"-game, Im not willing to spend 20€ on this quality. Not that its bad, there are just better games, Indie or not, that you can buy for the same price.

There is nothing wrong with quality, this is a high quality game. Just don’t compare it to Elden Ring or stuff, it’s an old school JRPG with new mechanics and meant to be that way. There are still people around who grew up with that genre and still like playing it. Even more than modern Action-RPGs.

Thats a fair point, tho I didnt buy Elden Ring for 20€. Quality was the wrong word. Im sorry.

Hello. I have a problem when I try using mods.

When I tried to start a modded game (KenVibeMod), the screen  only stays black, but music is appearing.

This happens on New game as also on loading a save game.

I've also tried the help from a former comment to open LoadScript.js and added


But it doesn't work.

I'm playing on windows.

Can you please help me?

Hi! That fix is specifically for a black screen on Zhara's ship after having played through chapter 13, and that bug was fixed in a previous update, so your issue is something else.

Since you get a black screen also from starting a new game, what I suspect is that the modded version you made wasn't installed correctly, whether by you running out of disk space or cancelling the installation before it was done. Try deleting the modded folder in Didnapper 2/mods/installs/ and installing it again through the Mods menu, and let me know if that fixes it for you.


Deleting and installing again solved the problem. Thank you very much.

Disc space couldn't be the problem, I've 230GB free.

Are there any plans to add other characters to the escape minigame?

Hello, I have cleared this game, and now there is a problem, because of the language barrier (I am Chinese), I can't find the extra clothes that can be changed in the protagonist team (now there is only one maid uniform) Where can I find it?  Can get extra clothes for the protagonist and her teammates

I have played the game and finished the main game on version 1.0.5, I also had played Didnapper 1.8.1 5 years ago. Compared to to the first game, Didnapper 2 feels more like an RPG with exploration rather than being mission/level-based though still using the bondage theme and the battle mechanic from its predecessor. A notable difference between this game and its predecessor is that cutscenes are very frequent in Didnapper 2 though RPGs are usually story driven and it's not uncommon for RPGs to have a lot of cutscenes, take the Final Fantasy games for example. Another difference is that Seles/party gets tied up more often than Suki did in Didnapper. The escape system also gets more use in this game which I felt was underused in Didnapper unless you lost battles.

My review

Below is my review and thoughts of the game.

I do like how the game has an entirely original soundtrack with each town and field location having unique tracks compared to Didnapper using some tracks from RPG Maker XP. I also like the voice acting for the major characters although they're not fully voiced.

I also do like the art for the enemies and some CG scenes as well as the bust graphics being animated. The maps are also neat with the FSM tilesets and parallaxing being used although the Desert areas seem to use the default MV tilesets. I like the taller characters which are close to the RPG Maker XP characters than the chibi characters made by MV/MZ's character generator. Much like Didnapper using the battle backgrounds from XP, D2 also uses the backgrounds from MV maybe with some exceptions like the ship interior.

The gameplay is also improved with the player being able to save anywhere and being able to dash. The battle system uses ATB (which RPG Maker MZ would later include) along with the RPG Maker MV mechanics and battle mechanics from Didnapper like tying up female enemies to win and the party members not being able to be knocked out though with changes like the Tied state operating on points that is affected by Struggle and Rescue. The Escape System is also more complex with different restraint types and tie types which is otherwise similar to the Didnapper 1.7/1.8 escape system. Lastly, Seles can ambush male enemies which Suki couldn't do in Didnapper.


As for the difficulty, it can seem harder than Didnapper (especially 1.8) due to the ATB battle system which works similar to Final Fantasy X where not everyone gets an equal turn, characters no longer being healed after battle, enemies being smarter with Subdue (no longer wasting it on a healed character), and Rescue longer removes Tied instantly. However, you get a lot more Gold, get a character who has healing spells later in Chapter 3, can ambush male enemies which you couldn't in Didnapper, and some areas also have beds to restore HP/CP. Also, the player can easily escape guards due to Seles being able to dash.

I believed enemies used to be focused on using Rescue on the Demo 2 (2019) and possibly the old Patreon versions which made tying up their allies ineffective. In the final game, they don't seem to use it often.

I haven't found anything in the story that's too difficult or easy although things starts getting harder as of Chapter 6. The bosses can be challenging especially in the later half of the game, but I haven't found them too difficult or easy (except the end of Chapter 13) which is a contrast to Didnapper which had difficult bosses like Hyranda in Chapter 3 and the pirate ambush in Chapter 6. Even the final boss is improved to be challenging with having damage resistances, a lot of health (2nd part having 7664 HP on hard), and powerful attacks. It's a vast improvement over the final boss in the first game who didn't seem hard when I played it.


One complaint I have is that you can't escape non-boss/scripted battles which gets worse later in the game where enemies have a lot of health especially on Hard which can drag on the battle considering that most enemies don't have elemental weaknesses and your attacks don't do high amount of damage even with 4 characters, not helping that Eileen initially lacks damaging spells to match Seles' damage output. On the other hand, you can choose not to fight them (or ambush them instead) though it won't help in areas like the Miu Miu Forest due to the trees, Stromm Marshes with the hidden bandits, and pretty much any location where you can't easily avoid the enemies without triggering a battle.

I've found debuff skills to be pretty much useless in the later game especially against bosses since the enemies' ATB tends to fill quickly before the player can get a turn. It limits usefulness of skills like Kaie's Darken which lasts for 2 turns, but the enemies will usually get those 2 turns before you can cast it. However, status effects are still effective.

Aside from Eileen's Soothing Mist (10% HP) and Liliana's Ration (with healing item), there's no way to heal all characters. It becomes a problem in the later chapters as the multiple enemies can lower your HP with multiple strikes or have skills that hit the party which makes healing to prevent being tied difficult. It doesn't help that Liliana only gets used in 2 chapters and isn't usable until Chapter 13 (who then gets removed until late Chapter 14). Even then, the Ration can be impractial to set up since she needs 30 TP and and two turns which will likely give enemies enough time to weaken and/or tie up the characters.

Despite the issues mentioned above, it's a very good game that improves on Didnapper's gameplay mechanincs especially with Didnapper 2 being built on RPG Maker MV that's more flexible than what RPG Maker XP can achieve. The macOS and Linux versions are also a nice addition although RPG Maker MV is no longer supported on macOS Big Sur 11.0 and later (not sure about games deployed for Mac).

DID Games please help, I got a problem with my savefile (I think). I started playing chapters 1 to 3 on my Linux Home Office PC, but then continued playing on a windows mini PC in the living room to use the big TV screen. I carried over my save-folder from Linux to Windows and it worked – until I just reached Malutina. When I get captured at the city gates and lead into the city, the moment the screen changes the game stops and I always get a "uncaught error: header is wrong"-message. Is there any way to fix this? I've already put a lot of time levelling up into it and I don't want to start over. I think it has to do with starting the savegame on Linux and then moving it over to Windows. (I'm playing the latest 1.1.1 version, btw.)

Could you send us the save file or folder in question? It will make it much easier for us to fix it. Either give us a link here or send the file(s) directly on Discord. 

(1 edit)

edit: outdated, see newer post above for update

here is the folder (savegame 23 is just before the crash on windows):


(1 edit)

Update: I copied my savegames back to the Linux machine and there it is still working. But I want to play on my big screen running windows. I watched the Malutina sequence and saved when I got free the next morning and moved the savefiles back to windows, hoping a crash won't happen again. I kept playing for a while, but when I want to confront Zhara in the town hall the game crashes again (same error) when I enter her room.

I have uploaded the new save folder.  savefile 22 is right before Malutina city gate crash, savefile 24 is before entering the town hall crash:


Would be great if you could do anything to help. I could continue playing on Linux but I want to enjoy the game on the big screen. I don't want to start from scratch on windows (because I can't even be sure if the Linux-widows-switch really is the cause of the problem, I only read in an rpgmaker forum that the "header is wrong" error could be caused by an incompatible savefile, so I assume starting on Linux and moving to windows is the cause of the problem).

One more thing I noticed (don't know if it's important): There seems to be something wrong with Arden. She never changes her appearance and always looks like she is wearing her standard outfit. I think it's been that way since the mission when you get the maid outfit. After she changed back into her normal clothes (storywise) I could never get her to wear the maid costume again (regarding to appearance) when I equip it. Equipping casual clothes doesn't change her looks either. I just hope my savegame isn't entirely effed up.


After defeating Casca you got the Gem of Illusion key item. That item lets you force the game to always show a party member in one outfit, no matter what they actually wear. Try using that item again, toggling off your selection for Aden. 

As for the Linux issue, I'm still looking into that. It's a little difficult without owning a Linux myself 😅


Oh, dammit! I am sooooo sorry for the trouble I have caused you, just tie me up and put me in a cave. When I googled the error message and read it COULD BE caused by incompatible savefiles due to platform switching I assumed that was the case here. So I forgot thinking about other possible causes, including the most obvious one. Now I did some further testing and it turned out it was caused by a broken game install or damaged game files on the windows machine. When I downloaded the game again and reinstalled it, everything seems to be working. Stop looking into the issue, there is nothing wrong with the game or my savefiles, the error was on my computer's side and must have been caused by a bad file transfer when I moved the gamefiles via USB-Drive to the Windows machine (because it doesn't have an internet connection, it's a retro games emulation console running windows under the hood). Again, I'm so sorry for troubling you with this. After the reinstall everything seems to be working.


Good to hear! 😊 No worries, I should honestly have asked you to re-install before I asked you to send the save files, so that's on me 😅

Finding job boards to finish quests is such a pain. I've paused or stopped playing because i can't find malutina job board.

It sounds like you are playing a pretty outdated version of the game. The job boards were overhauled about half a year ago, and we very recently dropped another big update too, so please consider updating the game if you haven't! 

Does somebody know where to find another fabric for costume

Please remove the scarf and ruffles from Lilliana's dancer outfit.
Especially the scarf that covers the gag is in the way.

I think the bad ending should have its own game over picture instead of having the one that already exists. What do you think?

I purchased the game and now I cannot download the latest update saying the game is not in my collection even though it is?


When did you buy the game? If you did buy it with this account, then it should be in the game library of your account together with any other games you may have bought on Itch. If you used another account, or you bought the game without an account, then you should have been sent an email with a download key. 


It was with this account, it was just before you released the update. It showed I had purchased it on my account but when I went to the update release page it wouldnt let me download, so I just downloaded the lastest version from my page which worked for me, I transferred my save and everything works perfectly. Sorry for the bother, and thank you for the great game! I look forward to more works in the future!

Glad to hear it! :) 

How to load mods on a mac computer?

As of now the mod manager does not support Mac, only Windows and Linux. Maybe in the future. 


I have seen a creative feeling that is quite interesting. I hope that the official will consider joining the game. When struggling to escape, if the character wears high-heeled shoes on his feet, he will make noise when walking to attract guards, while making noise when jumping will take more time, and it is possible to make more noise when falling down. High heels can be set up separately. Seles can choose to break away from high-heeled shoes, The guard may also tie the high-heeled shoes to Seles' feet. Seles must break free of the rope before he can break free of the shoes. Calling the guard or looking for a partner to help him break free of the rope on the shoes or shoes is possible. High heels are not bad. They can increase the probability of success in attacking guards. It turns out that the heels are different, and the effects of punishment and reward are different, but the code must be very complex, so I just hope the official will consider the setting of high heels. Thank you. I hope the official will consider many other ideas.

(2 edits) (+4)

I found Didnapper 2 by accident. Although the game is a bit heavy for my laptop, basically I regret nothing! I bought it, and it's worth every penny!

(Before you ask, I'm not a perv. I just love bondage madly. And this game is way beyond my expectations! So I gotta come here to thank DID Games properly!)

P/S: I wonder if you guys have plans to make another game like this. I think a bondage-themed RPG game with a modern setting would be nice (say, a female cop/detective on a crazy journey of constant bondage ^^ ).

Well, just my idea. Don't take it too seriously!

Anyway, I hope to play more splendid works from you in the future!

Best regards!

How do you reset completed sidequests in the new update?


Fortune teller in Milaz. Only one of the new sidequests (casino) is bugged and cant properly reset.

Nice update :) 

Are there still plans for a private cell and such ? 

They've said that they won't be implementing the private cell but there's lots of leftovers in the interrogation minigame files that modders can use. Pretty sure some is working on that rn


Not officially, no. But there is a mod in the works for it.

I want to ask when will didnapper 2 demo 3 mod be available for free


Wrong place to ask. Ask Toiyama himself, and good luck.


Ok Sorry

(1 edit)

i had a problem with save state

i am not able to resave my game in any state

pls help me with it 

(1 edit)

Are you playing on Mac, Windows or Linux? 

And are you using the Itch app to install, or do you download the zip file manually? 

(2 edits)


Have you remembered to extract/unzip the file you downloaded? If you are playing from within the .zip file, then your computer cannot do things like make or change save files.

(1 edit)

I met a problem with the escaping, there is a bug with the button prompt when I did the direction indicted it did wrong and if I do only 3 error due this bug the guard arrive quickly and my level is 71, I don't know what I must to do.

Do you have the Haphazard Handling escape skill turned on?


If I heard correctly the new version with sidequest updates should be out tomorrow.  So excited, I can hardly wait.


It's great to know the next update will be released soon. I thought this would be released in September but I can understand the difficulties you had during this period. For the next game or update, I am looking forward to seeing more escaping type:) I am so appreciated to your wonderful job. When the full version is published I will support it! Hang in there, you can do this!


my Problem is when the Game go in the next chapter, ship storage room The picture is black. i Play it tvice with the story Crystal, to farm items and i have safe the game and can not go back to the crystal, im trapped, what can i do.

Hi! We have made sure this bug will be fixed in the next update, which should be released in a couple of weeks. In the meantime you can fix it by opening the file Didnapper 2/www/js/scipts/System/LoadScript.js in any text editor (for example Notepad) and putting this line of code there: 

$gameSelfSwitches.setValue([4, 17, 'A'], false)

Then save your change to the LoadScript.js file and start the game. The picture being black should now be fixed.
Please let us know if this fixes your issue :)

I've been playing the beta version and am enjoying it enough to consider buying the full version, but it keeps crashing whenever I try to save and occasionally at random intervals. I'm aware that betas are imperfect, but can I get a guarantee that this won't happen on the full version?

Hi! Of the demo version of the game crashes for you, then the full version will too. However, crashes are rare and can usually be fixed. Is there an error message when it crashes? If there is, we can likely tell you how to make it not crash. Whether you play on Windows or Mac is also important, as Mac can sometimes have file permission issues when the game is not installed using the Itch app. 

I cannot new game the official version but I can do this in demo.I'm on MacOS

Try installing the game with the Itch app: https://itch.io/app

Once you have done that you can move your save files from the demo into the full game if you don't want to start over from the beginning 

So you mean i need to download and install it from the itch application instead of its website in browser?

and thanks to your quickly reply.

Yes, installing it from the Itch app fixes all file permission crashes in the Mac version of the game. There are other ways to fix it too, but the app install method is the most consistent fix. If you have further problems, please let us know! We also have an active Discord community where other players would also be happy to help you :) 


ty ! problem solved! It still crashes sometimes when I launching the game, but it's much better now than yesterday


also escaping is still too hard, even on easy


is there an ETA on the next update?


Did games  can you  make the first didnapper game please 


I don't understand what you mean. They already did and you can download it here:


I was curious if there was a way to have practice with the pole in the escape tent. When I completed the one from the escape challenges the pole showed up in the tent but couldnt pick it as an option.

Does anyone know how to save the progress. I'm in the middle of the story and don't know how. There's nothing like a menu on the screen.


Press the X key to open the menu and from there you can select the Save option

Press the letter x on your keyboard.  You will see the menu pop up.  From there, you can save your game plus a whole lot more.  Press any key after that to return to the game.


Is there any ETA about the mod support?

Hey, will there be more side quests with in depth senarios in the future updates?


Yes, we are adding several new sidequests in the next updates, some short ones and some long ones

(1 edit)

sorry, but with the recent update 1.0.5, it tells me when i load my save : cannot read property ''parentlds'' for null. How can i fix it?

It sounds like you may have accidentally updated to the demo version of the game. Try backing up your save folder by copying it somewhere else, then uninstall and install the correct game version and copy your save folder back in. That should fix the problem 

(2 edits)

Ok, but how can I copy a savefolder if i play with the itch app? I installed the correct version (so now, i have the demo version and the not-demo one), i opened the not-demo one and it says that i cant load game. Is it normal?

Here is how to make sure you fix the game completely, if I understand your problem correctly:
1) Right-click on Didnapper 2 in your Itch app's library and select Manage.
2) A window will open with the different version you have or can install. Select Manage again for the version that has all your save files (probably the demo version), and then select "Open folder in explorer".
3) In the Explorer window that opens up, go to the /Didnapper 2/www/save/ folder. This is where your save files are. 
4) Copy all the files in the save folder to somewhere else on your computer (this is your backup).
5) If you are not sure if you copied the save files from the right version of the game, do step 2, 3 and 4 again for the other version of the game you have installed, just to be safe.
6) When you are sure that you have backed up all your save files in a safe place, uninstall all versions of Didnapper 2, whether they are demo or not.
7) Install the latest version of the full game. 
8) Do step 1, 2 and 3 again to find the save folder of the now fixed Didnapper 2. Copy the old save files you backed up in step 4 or 5 into this save folder.
9) Launch the game. It should be back to normal now.

Please let me know if this solved the problem for you. Also consider joining our public Discord server if you wish to get a quicker response, as both developers and other Didnapper 2 players are online and ready to help in the chatrooms there :)


YES. I WORKS. Thank you very much. :))

Glad to hear it! :) 


when d2 can use mod

when would it update the 1.1 here


We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

Hello i have buy on petreon the beta and can't downloadet  plz help

Try using the link in the too post of our Patreon, if what you tried before was the preview links in the email. You can also find the latest links on our Discord server


I want to know the version 1.1 on steam,what time to update


We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

Why I can't open new game? I bought it and I am Mac OS 

Try installing the game with the Itch app: https://itch.io/app

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