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Magical force known as Chroma drives the world, and Chroma-compatible people called Aions govern the lands as nobles. On a small fishing island, out in the middle of the seas, an Aion girl named Seles sees her life changed forever after getting caught up in a dark plot.
Now on the run, she ventures the world’s countries in search of answers, gathering a following of other girls all setting out for their own reasons. However, the open roads are a dangerous place indeed for a group of young travellers, as peril and captivity lurks around every corner…

  • 15 hour, lovingly crafted story
  • Intricate escape mini-game featuring traditionally animated visuals
  • Dozens of bondage CGs, including a gallery mode to view them at your leisure
  • More than 100 individual pieces of bondage art throughout the game and multiple outfits for each main character
  • Various side content like sidequests, minigames and puzzles

Didnapper 2 is the long-awaited successor to the original Didnapper, headed by the same director. While this game borrows many gameplay elements and themes from its predecessor, it is completely standalone and can be enjoyed without prior knowledge. This game does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit scenes.
DID Games is a small collective of game developers who believe in making bondage-themed games without sacrificing quality or substance. We've been working on Didnapper 2 since early 2018, and are extremely pleased to finally be able to present it to you, thanks in no small part to our patrons.


Post-release content!

The fun isn't done once the game comes out! We've got a little bit more cooking up that we'll be delivering over the next months after release, so please look forward to it. Of course, all these updates will be free for all owners of Didnapper 2! It also goes without saying that the game will receive continuous support when it comes to bugs and other kinks.

Expansion: Truth

Release window: Soon...ish! Join our Discord to stay up to date.
Something's hiding beneath the surface... Venture underground and through brand-new areas on the hunt for answers, and meet characters new and familiar in this epic conclusion to the Didnapper series. Major side content and feature expansions will be released at the same time.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 12, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
AuthorDID Games
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, bondage, did, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, gagged, JRPG, kink, tied
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Windows.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Mac.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Linux.zip 1 GB

Download demo

Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Windows.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Mac.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.1.2 - Demo Linux.zip 1 GB

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Will we have Android version pls ?

Does RPGMAKER even have an Android port? If not, then try looking into emulators that can play Windows games. Even then, I’m not really convinced that it can be done.

RPG Maker MV and MZ does allow exporting to Android and iOS, but the game has to be designed for mobile and the game needs to be converted to an app. Here's the dialog from RPG Maker MV:

MZ is identical to MV except the Linux option isn't present and the Android / iOS and Web browsers were merged to Web browsers / Android / iOS. Mac OS X was renamed to macOS in MZ since the macOS name has been used since macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Something to keep in mind that most games' UI aren't built for small screens in mind which would make navigating menus annoying, but the game does seem viewable on a small phone screen (I checked my YouTube playthrough on my Pixel 7a). Another issue is the lockpicking and escape system rely on hitting directions which isn't possible on a touchscreen (the mouse doesn't work there).

The Didnapper wiki claims that Didnapper 2 uses plugins that are designed for computers and are incompatible with Android emulation. I don't know if the latter is true because RPG Maker MV and MZ run on Chromium rather than emulation unless if running on ARM-based Windows (which aren't common) or an Apple Silicon Mac which has to emulate the x86 code to ARM. Aside from graphical assets, I don't know if any plugins don't work on mobile or any platform.

I purchased the Steam version and played it, but the most recent Mac update makes it impossible to play 8-bit games on Steam. Do you know if the Itch.io version would work on a Macbook Air, and if so, could I transfer my steam file onto it?

The Steam and Itch versions of the game are virtually identical, except for the differences in how Steam handles installation and execution. What exactly is the issue you encounter when you try to run the game via Steam?

Never mind, I think the problem is that MacOS no longer supports 32 bit software. That's really annoying.

I think newer macOS versions tend to have issue with RPG Maker MV games although I don't have a Mac, so I can't verify if even Apple Silicon Macs can run MV games. There is this post Regarding Future RPG Maker MV macOS Support that mentions that MV won't support macOS 11+. RPG Maker MZ games should work although Didnapper 2 is an MV game.

I don't know if MV games are 32-bit on Mac since they are on Windows (RPG Maker MZ is 64-bit only). I know it can be confusing if a Mac app is 32-bit and 64-bit. For example, Discord is 32-bit on Windows while the Mac version is 64-bit.

Hey, the Itch version of the game won't work for me so i was consideing buying the steam version. Do i need another $20 or can i get a refund on the Itch version?

Hiya! Itch has a policy of only refunding if there's a technical issue that customer support can't help to fix (we don't have an option to give refunds ourselves), so let's try that first. Most players who can't get the Itch version to run by downloading manually have found that downloading and installing it through the Itch launcher app worked (because it fixes some file permission issues), so maybe you can try that first: https://itch.io/app

I was already trying to launch it through the launcher, unfortunately.

Hmm, do you get some sort of error message? Or does it just close or show a black screen? 

Error message

What does the error message say? 

Deleted 57 days ago

Have you extracted/unzipped the file you downloaded? 

Deleted 57 days ago

Which rpgmaker was this made with?

It was made in RPG Maker MV.

thank you


How to download modules


So will Truth be available through itch?  The reason I ask is because I'm running on an older mac and the only way I can play the game is through itch. Tried downloading both the OG demo and the closed beta for Truth and the game freezes the moment I try to start a new game. Works fine here. Can't play it after opening the zip files on just my mac though.


Truth (v1.2) is an update to the game itself, not a separate DLC, so yes, the version here on Itch will be replaced by the updated version once it's ready 🙂👍

Hello, sorry, what are the requirements to be able to play without lag and for the Mods to run well?


Is there any ETA for the Truth expansion? I bought the game on this site but can't afford to subscribe to Patreon (trying to minimize the DID footprint in my visible bank notes XD), so I can't quite follow its progression


We don't have a set date yet, but I can say that it's still at least a few months away. We might be able to give something more specific during our upcoming public livestream on Discord and YouTube :) 

bonds does not work on mac?... will this be same case?

Are you going to add an android download to the game?


We don't have any plans to make an official Android build of Didnapper 2, no.


Is there a prison where you can keep captured damsels? like in the first didnapper. 

hey during chapter 2 when you rescue the snitch gal, it breaks and loops the 4 thief encounter, is there a way to fix this?


What version of the game are you playing, and have you installed any mods? 

Is there still planned update for this game?


Yes! You can follow our progress and even play the closed beta version on our Patreon :) 

During the escape mini game you walk or hop around and can grab weapons like a knife, etc. The question I have is how to actually use them?


The most useful item you've picked up is automatically used when you struggle 

ah okay. I was wondering if that was actually the case. Good to know thanks.


No problem :)


I have encountered some issues when I played the game.

In the Alverona farms as seen in 8:36 in this video, Seles' head clips through the hay. I believe this is because the top half is set with a "★" which in RPG Maker MV means the tile is passable but the character or Event appears under the tile.

In some rare occasions, Seles' graphic may show her carrying someone when she drops the captive as seen in this video and the captive disappears. This can be fixed by grabbing another female captive and dropping her which returns Seles' graphics to normal.

As mentioned here https://itch.io/post/8237972 You can swap Aden with Eileen or Kaie which results in the character turning to Aden when grabbing someone as well as resulting in another Eileen or Kaie in the cutscene. This is because Formation Access (Page 3 of Event Commands) isn't disabled nor is Aden's slot locked.

Something I noticed with RPG Maker MV games, including Didnapper 2, is that running with HDR turned on in Windows results in the game being darker. Here's a comparison with HDR turned off compared to the game running with HDR turned on.

I don't know if anyone encounters it, but sometimes I encounter stuttering in some places. Please note I'm using an AORUS 15G which uses an Intel Core i7-10750H with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 which can run Didnapper 2 just fine. I do have the game running on microSD which has no problems running. I somewhat fixed the issue by editing package.json and capping the framerate to 60 fps. I do remember the Ambush system tended to lag when I played on 1.0.5, but it performed better on 1.1.2.

Is there a way to reset the completed sidequests

Yes, you can do a small sidequest for the fortune teller in Milaz to unlock that feature



Can I run didnapper2 on joiplay?


I'm not sure if that's possible given that the game is meant for computers and larger screens and isn't optimized for the smaller screens used in phones. RPG Maker MV and MZ does allow Mobile exporting, but the game needs to be optimized for mobile as the UI and controls are typically built around keyboard, mouse, or controller input.

I cannot find the mod menu. I look in the bottom left and only see credits.


Updating the game to the latest version usually solves that issue 

(2 edits) (+2)

A great game so far I have played until now.  First I saw it, I thought it would be just a little pervert bondage game (and yes, that was the reason I became curious XD) , but It is more than that. The story, the characters and the game mechanics are realy awesome. A great game :)
But I've found a bug with some character graphics, if  some party members were carry someone. It was in  Etznanl. If Kaie is party leader and she starts to carry someone, her graphic switch to Aden while carrying. An if Eileen is party lead, the game crashed because it didn't found her carry graphic.

I believe that part in Chapter 13 is due to DID Games not locking Aden's slot. Interestingly, the game doesn't crash on me with Eileen or Kaie, but both will load Aden's graphic. What's actually happening is that every character has a Carry graphic which is a duplicate of Aden's graphic. I'm guessing maybe in some point in development that you could carry more than one captive (one for each party member) or that DID Games considered allowing you to change the party leader which is usually Seles (the game does allow changing the party starting in Chapter 13, but you can't change Seles' position).

If you swap Aden with Eileen or Kaie and defeat the two Crimson Scar women, the cutscene will show a duplicate Eileen or Kaie. This is due to how Didnapper 2 shows party members in cutscenes; when a cutscene triggers, the party members would pop out of Seles and then merge into Seles similar to Final Fantasy VII when the cutscene is finished.

(1 edit)

Very glad to hear that you've enjoyed the game :) 
The bugs in Etznanl were indeed because we forgot to lock Aden as party leader during that section. However, it will be fixed in the next update, as we're working on making it possible to set anyone as party leader in the majority of the game, among a lot of other things.

Deleted 292 days ago
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Hi :) If you bought the game while logged in, it should appear in your Library together with other games you've bought here. There should also be a download option on the game's store page separate from the option of buying the game again. 

If you weren't logged in when buying the game, you should have received an email with a download link (you may have gotten one if you were logged in too, I'm not sure). If you didn't receive one, even in your spam folder, then on the store page select the option to buy the game again, then click on the small text saying "I already paid for this..." near the bottom. 

If for some reason it still doesn't work, DM us your email (on our social media accounts or didgamesproduction@ gmail.com) and I can find your purchase and potentially send you a new key. 

Please let me know whether this was helpful at all :) 

I successfully downloaded the v 1.1.2 without buying it again, but the update wasn't transferred into my v 1.1.0 safe file.

If you downloaded the update manually, then you will need to copy everything in your save folder from the old version over to the save folder in the new version. You can find the save folder here: Didnapper 2/www/save/

If you want some more detailed and quicker help, feel free to ask in our public Discord server, where both Didnapper developers and other players are nearly always available: discord.gg/xXDgYPV 

I want this game on android

It's theoretically possible to export on Android since RPG Maker has Android/mobile export. However, DID Games would have to rework the game, especially the lockpicking and escape systems, since the game is designed for desktops in mind, and I'd imagine the menus would be a pain to navigate on a small screen since RPG Maker MV by default isn't optimized for mobile screens.

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While I was carrying the bound enemy, I was attacked by the new enemy. After the battle I couldn't drop the enemy or hit ESC and X to save the game, and after that the protagonist couldn't be tied, but I could hit SHIFT run. the draw was normal.

Where were you carrying the enemy when this happened? Like, in what area?

I had encountered a similar bug in the Stromm Marshes where Seles was carrying someone but couldn't drop the enemy. I could fix this by ambushing a female enemy to grab and release which resets Seles' graphics.

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gotta admit, theres a surprising amount of game here, and hardly a second without its main appeal. nice.


I’d really appreciate if u guys made this game free, I’m dying to play it after seeing videos and playing the mod myself 20 bucks may not be that much but in my country is over 500 so I’d be glad to see this game and it’s mods, who knows it could higher the the amount of people playing, this game is truly great and I’m hoping to play it completely ❤️

I hope you reply to my message and hopefully make it free


Is there a prison where you can keep captured damsels?

Is the expansion still in the works? It has been several silent months (at least on this site)

Yes, it is still in the works :) We have been posting some previews on our Twitter and on our public Discord channel, and we update the closed beta montly on our Patreon. Links can be found on our website: https://did.games/

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Really enjoyed the game, just highly hope that there'll be something like the private cell in didnapper 1 in the future. (Wants to see Aden enjoying it.)


I love bondage especially strict one. What kind of bondage is included in this game, is it only ropes? Are there things like armbinders, straitjackets, legbinders, etc? The art is amazing btw, and the gameplay looks interesting.

Hello, I love y'all's game and I can't for the next update but I have a little problem. For some reason, everytime I try to escape in the CRC mini game( the 4th challenge to be exact) the game keep crashing. I don't know if it's just me or it's a more wide spread issue but I want to inform y'all about it. Keep up the good work and have a great year.


Hi 🙂 Is there any error message when the game crashes, or does it just close? If it just closes without any error messages, see if you have very little space left on your drive. If there isn't enough free space when the game tries to preload the escape graphics, it will just shut down. 

Please let us know if this was helpful at all! 


I have seen a creative feeling that is quite interesting. I hope that the official will consider joining the game. When struggling to escape, if the character wears high-heeled shoes on his feet, he will make noise when walking to attract guards, while making noise when jumping will take more time, and it is possible to make more noise when falling down. High heels can be set up separately. Seles can choose to break away from high-heeled shoes, The guard may also tie the high-heeled shoes to Seles' feet. Seles must break free of the rope before he can break free of the shoes. Calling the guard or looking for a partner to help him break free of the rope on the shoes or shoes is possible. High heels are not bad. They can increase the probability of success in attacking guards. It turns out that the heels are different, and the effects of punishment and reward are different, but the code must be very complex, so I just hope the official will consider the setting of high heels. Thank you. I hope the official will consider many other ideas.

Deleted post
(1 edit) (+1)

As the game description says, the base game does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit scenes. However, there are people who are working on nude and other explicit mods on our Discord server, and a basic vibe mod comes with the game as an example mod.

As for Didnapper 1, it's free and you can find it on the Didnapper Wiki: https://didnapper.fandom.com/wiki/Game_Download
Note that if you do decide to play it, make sure you read the Requirements section of that page.



So how exactly does one go about resetting completed side quests?

Talk to the fortune teller in Milaz


Gotcha. Thank you

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello just downloaded the game on my macOs and it keeps crashing all the time I cannot even enter the game 😬 help please

Try installing the game using the Itch app https://itch.io/app

Hope that helps 🙂

I have the same problem with the demo and even when I launch it on itch.io this doesn't work, how can I do ?

Do you get an error message? If so, what does the message say exactly?

Same problem. The game worked perfectly on my Android. But I tried it on my Mac and it just fades to a black screen after the main menu. No Error Message, just total blackness.

I've heard later macOS versions (Big Sur 11.0) have issues with RPG Maker MV games. See https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/blog/regarding-future-rpg-maker-mv-macos-support Maybe that could explain some issues.

RPG Maker MZ could be a workaround for macOS, but it would take a lot of work to get Didnapper 2 to work on MZ since the game uses plugins which don't work on MZ. Theoretically, FOSSIL (for MV plugins) and the VS plugins (to replace the YEP plugins) could be used, but Events would need to be redone due to code differences between the YEP and VS plugins.

Before starting a new game plus, I have a question: Is there any way to also restock treasure chests (or could you change the mod to do so)? If would be great to get major arcana cards more than once so more characters can learn spells.  I think it wouldn't matter if characters could become overpowered, because my party was overpowered in the end anyway,  I could take down the final boss within a few minutes and without posing any real threat to me. I even surrendered some of my characters on purpose before taking her down for their level-up pictures.

Does the magican card somehow aionize characters? I used it on Lilli just to learn spire, but then she had quite a lot of really useful spells which elevated her from 'pretty useless' to 'best fighter in the game'. Or is it because of something I may have equipped?

Another question, are all the major arcana cards already in the game? I never found tower, moon, nameless and several others, where are they?

It might be better to ask for changes to mods in the mod section of our public Discord server (https://discord.gg/xXDgYPV). However, there should alternatively be a way to get multiple of the same cards, though only by messing with the code of the game. 

You probably have her Chroma weapon equipped, which while equipped lets her use certain Chroma skills. 

There are still a few cards left that will be added in the next big update (v1.2.0), including the ones you listed.

I’m glad I found this comment. I’ve been running around like a mad man trying to find these cards killing enemies, looking for chests, and checking books in every home and library in the game. Glad to hear they’re not all out yet. It would be nice to be able to learn the same card skills for multiple characters. It’s a bummer when you see a skill on the learn menu for someone knowing that now they can never get it. Can you do mods on a Mac?

As of now the mod manager does not support Mac, sadly. It might in the future, but we can't guarantee that. 

4 hours in, I realised this is indeed not a nsfw-game...


Steam sadly disagrees, so there it's blocked in multiple countries. We kind of hit a middle ground, but yes, without nudity or sex, you can argue it's more of a game with a lot of very specific "fan service" than a "nsfw" game. Some people like that about the game, while others don't, which is why some mods are in the works that add more lewdness to it, in addition to the vibrator mod that already comes with the full game. 

Ngl, I was a little disappointed, cause the hole thing is like a big tease. But on the other hand I'm glad you are able to push through this tough market.


Well, tastes differ. I don't need or want hardcore content in games, that's just going on my nerves. I think Didnapper did everything right and for me both titles  are among the best JRPGs ever made. The fetish mechanics all make perfect sense within the game system and are not just there for their own sake. It's a real game and fun to play, not just an excuse for showing explicit content like many other nsfw-games. I think I would also enjoy playing it if I wasn't into bondage.

Thats the thing tho, if im looking for a "real"-game, Im not willing to spend 20€ on this quality. Not that its bad, there are just better games, Indie or not, that you can buy for the same price.

There is nothing wrong with quality, this is a high quality game. Just don’t compare it to Elden Ring or stuff, it’s an old school JRPG with new mechanics and meant to be that way. There are still people around who grew up with that genre and still like playing it. Even more than modern Action-RPGs.

Thats a fair point, tho I didnt buy Elden Ring for 20€. Quality was the wrong word. Im sorry.

Hello. I have a problem when I try using mods.

When I tried to start a modded game (KenVibeMod), the screen  only stays black, but music is appearing.

This happens on New game as also on loading a save game.

I've also tried the help from a former comment to open LoadScript.js and added


But it doesn't work.

I'm playing on windows.

Can you please help me?

Hi! That fix is specifically for a black screen on Zhara's ship after having played through chapter 13, and that bug was fixed in a previous update, so your issue is something else.

Since you get a black screen also from starting a new game, what I suspect is that the modded version you made wasn't installed correctly, whether by you running out of disk space or cancelling the installation before it was done. Try deleting the modded folder in Didnapper 2/mods/installs/ and installing it again through the Mods menu, and let me know if that fixes it for you.


Deleting and installing again solved the problem. Thank you very much.

Disc space couldn't be the problem, I've 230GB free.

Are there any plans to add other characters to the escape minigame?

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