A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Didnapper 2 is an in-development sequel to the first Didnapper RPG. Development started January 2018 and is still ongoing.
Didnapper 2 has a new main cast and a new story, but takes place in the same universe as the first game and shares several of the same game mechanics, most of which have been improved, but it also has a lot of new ones.

Below you can find the download links to the public development versions of the game. The Beta Demo (aka Demo 3.1) contains the prologue section of the game, as well as the first and second chapter.


Install instructions

To install, unzip the file to anywhere on your computer and run it.

On Mac you may have to make sure you place it in a folder that doesn't have additional protection, or otherwise it may crash when you try to save.


Didnapper 2 Demo 3,1 Win.zip 746 MB
Didnapper 2 Demo 3,1 Mac.zip 880 MB
OLD: Didnapper 2 Demo 2,1 Win.zip 556 MB
OLD: Didnapper 2 Demo 2,1 Mac.zip 690 MB

Development log


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I really want to play this game,but i am not able to pay for it with credit card or something.i can only buy it with the approachment in my country ,which means if you sell the games on steam,i can buy it and play.it dosent matter whether the game had been develped fully ,but i really want to play it.i have buoght your game BONDS,it was awsome,and i am waiting for more!


That's an interesting game you have here too ^^ Could I make letsplay video of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from it just like any Youtubers ^^')

whats your channel?

You can find me on PornHub as CumingGaming and on Xhamster as CumInGaming and Xvideo as Cumingaming ^^

Hello, I like this game very much. I want to know when the official version of the game will be on sale.

hi I tried downloading the demo 3.1 for windows and I said nw_elf.dll was not found can you help so I can play

I like your work very much and there are still a lot of items can be better in this game I think.Such as tying up my teammate at any time, Sele and herpartner  can be tied down many times  when fighting against  enemies instead of ending immediately after losing, and I hope girls can have more outfits fit for themselves.Best wishes to you and great work!

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I really like your games since finish ing bonds 3 Months ago and so excited to this game also, but it seems there's problem when I Try to open the game it said it couldn't unload something, I had download it completely 3 times but still can't open the game... Maybe if there's still problem please fix it more... 

Is there an estimated cost for the game?

Hi there! I just wanted to inform you of a glitch I've been encountering in the game where if I reach level 7 in Bellia Village I'm unable to gain any more experience points.

Hey! The exp gain in the game is based on the difference in level between the individual party members and the enemies, so if the level gap becomes too big, you stop gaining exp. I suggest continuing the story if you reach that limit in Bellia

hi I tried downloading the demo 3.1 for windows and I said nw_elf.dll was not found can you help so I can play

Could you give a rough estimate on when the full game will be released for purchase on steam?

will there be a new demo update soon ?

Not until the release of the full game

ok cool as


When the android vesion release? I am anxious to play the android game. Hope you seen and reply me for a time.

We do not currently plan to make an Android version of the game, sorry

ok dude i have know we can play didnapper in android with rpgxp player, can you tell me how to play it:

Use joiplay bro .I use it.its working corret

I’m looking forward to the whole model

Uhh my computer is suck

it takes 1 hour to download

is there a 2020 progress report



Where is the latest chapter now?



Has anyone played in the newest area, can I put pictures?

Hope the game will be sold on Steam

How do i get the full version of the game i want to play the full game <3

The game is still in development. However, there's a closed beta that is exclusive to certain patrons in their Patreon

Maximum level: 99

Do you have a link? Please leave me.....

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I deleted your other posts because they have content that is supposed to be an exclusive reward to our patrons who support us on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/DIDgames ). If you are one of our patrons, you can ask questions there, or you can join our public Discord server ( https://discord.gg/xXDgYPV ), where we also have channels meant for closed beta testers to discuss things.

How to play the full version game??

there are still chapters 11 or possibly more to come

I already have the full version of the game! Chapter 10 is the ending chapter of the game. The game's map is very wide. It took me 3 days to get all the maps in the game. This is a very interesting game. This is what I did.

they already finished the game without bugs or they keep developing? sorry for the bad english

continue to develop the game

do you have a link

Oh, it will be a delightful game!

any costume idea for this game because am really excited to play the full version

i can't find gallery images 11~15. I think there are more quests after the mansion, but it is hard to find them because it is not my language.

Deleted 204 days ago

so i tried to save the game this time but this message appears and i made sure to make it a read and write system, can you please give me some assistance with this PS i am on mac

That error happens when the game tries to create a save file while it is in an extra protected folder (like the downloads folder). It only happens on certain versions of Mac.
Try to move the game file to a different folder, or even to a memory stick, and run it from there instead. If this doesn't work for you, please let us know!

it still didnt work

I found someone using the closed beta to make a video, and I wonder if it infringes on your intellectual property rights. If you think it does, I'll let him know. Looking forward to your reply.


It depends a bit on the content of the video. Generally the closed beta version of the game is supposed to be an exclusive Patreon reward for those supporting the development of the project. Some parts of it however have been disclosed by us in public streams and shown in teaser screenshots, and so those specific parts are no longer exclusive in the same way and should be fine to feature in a video. If the content of the video has not been publically disclosed however, we ask that the person in question respect the exclusivity of the content and the trust we put in our closed beta testers when we share it with them.


I have informed that author and all the related videos have been deleted. I'm glad that the problem has been solved in such a nice way. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you :)

I would like to support the game. Unfortunately it is very uncommon in my country to own a credit card. Is there a different way then patreon to support the development?

Well, if you have Steam gift cards in your country, you can use them to purchase Bonds, another game developed by this studio. With this, I guess, you can support the development of this game.


true I guess, but I already bought bonds :P


How long will the next version of the game be released? I can't wait for the next version of the game!


comment on telecharge le jeux

La démo ou le jeu?
Si c'est la démo, tu cliques sur "Download Didnapper 2 Demo 3.1"

Le jeu n'est pas encore complété. 

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do you know when the full game will be released?

Any idea when another demo or the game will be released?

any updates i am new at this game but i love playing this game

The game is, I guess, getting monthly updates in the closed beta, which is only available for certain patrons in their patreon.

i see

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Any updates?

Hi! Where can I submit a bug report? There's an interesting tile behind a tree on the left edge of the first Miu Miu forest that triggers an unending combat loop! Love the game!

We've fixed that bug on our end now, so it should be gone in the next versions of the game :)
Glad you like the game so far!

je croie avoir fini la demo mais il semblerai qu'il y est un boss , ou ce trouve t'il ?


Le boss? Si tu parles de l'image en dessous avec les cheveux gris, c'est une quête que tu trouveras à l'ouest de Capulet. Tu n'as qu'à rentrer dans un des bâtiments à gauche et la quête se déclenche toute seule. Faudra ensuite aller au repaire des bandits. 

Désolé si mon français n'est pas top, ça fait un moment que je n'ai pas pratiqué.

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