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Magical force known as Chroma drives the world, and Chroma-compatible people called Aions govern the lands as nobles. On a small fishing island, out in the middle of the seas, an Aion girl named Seles sees her life changed forever after getting caught up in a dark plot.
Now on the run, she ventures the world’s countries in search of answers, gathering a following of other girls all setting out for their own reasons. However, the open roads are a dangerous place indeed for a group of young travellers, as peril and captivity lurks around every corner…

  • 15 hour, lovingly crafted story
  • Intricate escape mini-game featuring traditionally animated visuals
  • Dozens of bondage CGs, including a gallery mode to view them at your leisure
  • Over 100 individual pieces of bondage art throughout the game

Didnapper 2 is the long-awaited successor to the original Didnapper, headed by the same director. While this game borrows many gameplay elements and themes from its predecessor, it is completely standalone and can be enjoyed without prior knowledge. This game does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit scenes.
DID Games is a small collective of game developers who believe in making bondage-themed games without sacrificing quality or substance. We've been working on Didnapper 2 since early 2018, and are extremely pleased to finally be able to present it to you, thanks in no small part to our patrons.


Post-release roadmap!

The fun isn't done once the game comes out! We've got a little bit more cooking up that we'll be delivering over the next months after release, so please look forward to it. Of course, all these updates will be free for all owners of Didnapper 2! It also goes without saying that the game will receive continuous support when it comes to bugs and other kinks.

First Update: Mod Support

Release window: A few weeks after release
We know fans love modding Didnapper 1, so we'll be providing official help and resources over on our Discord community! One of our long-time fans is also working on a mod-loader, which will drastically simplify the whole process.

Second Update: Iidran Tourism Initiative

Release window: About a month after the first update
Travel the world and discover a plethora of side content, from the eerie forests of Primadora to the scorching deserts of Rift, there's a little something for everyone in this update! Minor feature and gameplay expansions are also planned for simultaneous release.

Expansion: Truth

Release window: About six months after the second update
Something's hiding beneath the surface... Venture underground and through brand-new areas on the hunt for answers, and meet characters new and familiar in this epic conclusion to the Didnapper series. Major side content and feature expansions will be released at the same time.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 12, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDID Games
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsbondage, did, gagged, JRPG, kink, tied
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Didnapper 2 v1.0.5 - Windows.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.0.5 - Linux.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.0.5 - Mac.zip 1 GB

Download demo

Didnapper 2 v1.0.5-Demo Windows.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.0.5-Demo Mac.zip 1 GB
Didnapper 2 v1.0.5-Demo Linux.zip 1 GB

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also escaping is still too hard, even on easy


is there an ETA on the next update?


Did games  can you  make the first didnapper game please 


I don't understand what you mean. They already did and you can download it here:


I was curious if there was a way to have practice with the pole in the escape tent. When I completed the one from the escape challenges the pole showed up in the tent but couldnt pick it as an option.

Does anyone know how to save the progress. I'm in the middle of the story and don't know how. There's nothing like a menu on the screen.


Press the X key to open the menu and from there you can select the Save option

Press the letter x on your keyboard.  You will see the menu pop up.  From there, you can save your game plus a whole lot more.  Press any key after that to return to the game.


Is there any ETA about the mod support?

Hey, will there be more side quests with in depth senarios in the future updates?


Yes, we are adding several new sidequests in the next updates, some short ones and some long ones

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sorry, but with the recent update 1.0.5, it tells me when i load my save : cannot read property ''parentlds'' for null. How can i fix it?

It sounds like you may have accidentally updated to the demo version of the game. Try backing up your save folder by copying it somewhere else, then uninstall and install the correct game version and copy your save folder back in. That should fix the problem 

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Ok, but how can I copy a savefolder if i play with the itch app? I installed the correct version (so now, i have the demo version and the not-demo one), i opened the not-demo one and it says that i cant load game. Is it normal?

Here is how to make sure you fix the game completely, if I understand your problem correctly:
1) Right-click on Didnapper 2 in your Itch app's library and select Manage.
2) A window will open with the different version you have or can install. Select Manage again for the version that has all your save files (probably the demo version), and then select "Open folder in explorer".
3) In the Explorer window that opens up, go to the /Didnapper 2/www/save/ folder. This is where your save files are. 
4) Copy all the files in the save folder to somewhere else on your computer (this is your backup).
5) If you are not sure if you copied the save files from the right version of the game, do step 2, 3 and 4 again for the other version of the game you have installed, just to be safe.
6) When you are sure that you have backed up all your save files in a safe place, uninstall all versions of Didnapper 2, whether they are demo or not.
7) Install the latest version of the full game. 
8) Do step 1, 2 and 3 again to find the save folder of the now fixed Didnapper 2. Copy the old save files you backed up in step 4 or 5 into this save folder.
9) Launch the game. It should be back to normal now.

Please let me know if this solved the problem for you. Also consider joining our public Discord server if you wish to get a quicker response, as both developers and other Didnapper 2 players are online and ready to help in the chatrooms there :)


YES. I WORKS. Thank you very much. :))

Glad to hear it! :) 


when d2 can use mod

when would it update the 1.1 here


We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

Hello i have buy on petreon the beta and can't downloadet  plz help

Try using the link in the too post of our Patreon, if what you tried before was the preview links in the email. You can also find the latest links on our Discord server


I want to know the version 1.1 on steam,what time to update


We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

Why I can't open new game? I bought it and I am Mac OS 

Try installing the game with the Itch app: https://itch.io/app

Hello, I would like to know if they put the possibility of easily translating by hand into several languages by fans. or if you yourselves plan to release versions of the game in other languages

Ich habe mein spielstand verloren wie bekomme ich den wieder oder kann ich mich zu einem Chapter cheaten?

Is there/will there be a way to view the character art in the Ch15 version of the credits? As far as I am aware the only method is to play through the end of the game again.

Hello. Im new, but is visa card working for buying the game?

It should work on Itch from what I know, yes


ok thanks

Are there any plans for an android version

No, we decided early on to avoid the extra time sink an additional android version of a game as big as this would be. Even for a game as small as Bonds it took a considerable amount of time to make it run properly on Android, so we don't have any plans to port this game. 

Deleted 76 days ago

First off, please do not share footage from the closed beta in public spaces such as this, as it is meant for patrons to view only until we share it in an official public post, or distribute an official public update. Therefore, please delete your message once you've read this. 

You can join our Discord server if you have questions or reports regarding the closed beta: https://discord.gg/xXDgYPV If you connect you Patreon account with your Discord account in the Patreon account settings, you will get access to the patron-only chatrooms there. 

As for the question, guards can drop items too if you assault them (might require your legs to be free so you can kick him). 


I'm really sorry! I didn't do it on purpose. I just want to get help because I can't get out of that level. I deleted the message on it and please learn from it! Thank you! :)


Hi, can you tell me the update time of the next version?

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I also don't know when the next update will be out but there's a closed beta on the Patreon site right now. if you want to own it then pay the publisher $8. I just bought it. I will give you the address of that website. If you want to play, please pay them because it's their effort, sweat, tears and time. Thank you! :)



thanks bro


when next?


Does escape lvl have additional benefits after lvl 65?

Can't get this to work on Mac. Whenever I click new game or I mess with the settings and esc out, it just freezes or goes to black and I have to force quit. Any fix? 


There is likely an issue with file writing permissions. Installing the game with the Itch app instead should fix that 


really i want the game should have big spike. The store needs more rich equipment. the map needs to be expanded and the escape and challenge modes more diverse. I hope the upcoming update will bring even more improvements. Thank you very much to the game's admin! :)


One of my biggest pet peeves is that one isn't able to escape as a companion, or do the tent training stuff as one i.e. I kinda feel like a sequel should expand on the first game, so it's kinda weird when stuff from the first game is left out. Otherwise amazing game - can't wait for the expansion!


The first game only had one escape pose for 4 characters, while sequel has 4 escape poses and 6 party members. It will be up to fans pooling together to mod in other party members graphics, which will be hefty effort to match game's quality.


Would all types of  tie (like a suspension or pole)add to the escape  tent in the future?(I know it just a tent)


MAN THE SIZE OF THE FILE ROSE XDD, prolly like the moment the beta was released, I was on that stage, now it's 1 gb :'D I'll prolly come back once it's completed, keep up the good work yeah

It would be nice if the status of the menu screen could be hidden


33 days ago! :)


can the artwork done by sharpffffff be viewed in the game?


when next?


There is locales folder in the game directory.Will other languages be supported in the future? Like Japanese or Chinese.


No, we don't intend to make official translations of the game. There may be some mods available in the future that translate the game, though, but those would be fan translations


Add jail in Didnapper 2 as in Didnapper 1 ... It will give timepass after all levels completed. You can use the jail in city where seles was once kept. After having fight we can keep them in cell bondage. 


I agree


We need this!


Serously, private cell (and its costumes) was one of the most enjoyable things in the first game. I felt a bit disappointed when I didn't see it on second game :(

2 is still a very nice game anyways

How to replay the side quest ?

That is a feature we will be adding in a future update :)

Coming to the later version onwards I really want the game to change a bit more. such as more escape stages, more binding styles and more challenge modes. more endgame images instead of just the default 27 images. I wish the game was better and more engaging. Thank you! :)

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I have customized my keybindings so that I am able to move around with W/A/S/D instead of the arrow keys, but then there's a very annoying bug when I navigate any menu (the save files menu, the keybindings one, etc.). Every now and then, when I click W (up) or S (down) to go to the next menu item, it instead does some absurd jump (for example, I am at File 8, i click the W key and it gets me to File 23). This never happens when i use the arrow keys though.

Similarly, I have remapped the enter key to Q and it sometimes behaves in an unexpected way. For example when I'm looking at the enemy gallery and I click on Q, it would sometimes show a different character than the one I had selected.

It would be great if the devs could look into it!

Have you made sure to remove the old function of Q and W as well? By default they do the same as PageUp and PageDown (or L1 and R1 on a controller). You can find them under the functions "Previous Page" and "Next Page" in the keybinding menu. If you did not change them, then the weird behavior is because your Q and W now have two functions at the same time.

Yes, I made sure to clean everything up. I have W/A/S/D exclusively associated with the move commands (they are not associated with anything else, and also the move commands have no other association).

Then yes, that sounds like a bug. We'll make sure to look into it for the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Are you planning to add private cell time like in the first game where you get to mess with your friends like different poses, change clothes and so on after beating them in combat? and are you going to add new outfits?


They will Add New Outfits in Future Updates yes, there is one in work right now. (Warrior Monk Eileen) Source: Discord/Twitter

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