Demo 2 release

Today we made the second demo available to the public! Here's what's new:

  • Added a new chapter, which means more areas, scenes, characters etc
  • Added the escape system
  • Added more battle mechanics
  • Added more enemies and a new ally
  • Added basic stealth mechanics
  • Added a couple more CGs
  • Added more faceset graphics and re-did the faceset code from scratch
  • Added lockpicking minigame
  • Added in-game guides/tutorials, and in general made things more intuitive
  • Added more menu features
  • Improved sprites
  • Reduced lag and fixed some crash issues
  • Fixed some other bugs from the first demo
  • A lot of other smaller additions and changes

Please note that saves from the first demo are not compatible with this one due to some significant changes to the saving code.



Didnapper 2 Demo 2 541 MB
Mar 17, 2019
Didnapper 2 Demo 2 675 MB
Mar 17, 2019

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Finally Demo 2 xD